Past projects

  • Information inequalities and finite groups (January-April 2013, supervisor Christine Bachoc): I studied a curious link between information inequalities and the theory of finite groups introduced by Chan and Yeung. My final report on this project is here (in French).
  • Pseudo-free groups (June-August 2013 at the Information Security Laboratory of Tohoku University, Japan, supervisor Hiroki Shizuya): I studied pseudo-free groups (as introduced by Hohenberger and Rivest), and a construction of Anokhin. My report for this project is here.
  • Cryptographic and cryptanalytic applications of pairings on elliptic curves (January-March 2014, supervisor Jean Gillibert): I studied pairings on elliptic curves and how they can be used in cryptography, both constructively for ID-based cryptography and destructively to attack the elliptic-curve discrete logarithm problem. My report for this project is here.
  • From April to September 2014, I was an intern in the crypto team at Morpho.